Haven’s 2016 Spring Swing Dance

Get out your dancing shoes for this year’s Spring Swing!

When: Friday, May 6, 6 to 9 pm
Where: Ellen Driscoll Theater, 325 Highland Ave
Music: D.J. Jeff Hiller
Admission: $10 at the door

Also featuring:

Smile City Photo Booth will be back this year!
Tres Taco will have their truck parked right outside the venue. Menu and prices

Photos from Last Year! password Havens2015SpringSwing
More photo’s from last year!


Questions? HavensDadsCLub@gmail.com

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Piedmont’s 8th Annual Poker Night + Casino (with Top Dog!)

Mark your calendars for Friday, January 8, 2016; it’s the Havens Dads Club 8th annual Poker/Casino Night Fundraiser for Havens Elementary School! 

10292014110544amThis fantastic night out is the Havens Dads Club’s signature fundraiser.  This year will feature both the classic Texas Hold’em tournament AND additional casino games!  The event will be catered by Top Dog, and also includes cocktails, super friendly dealers, and a raffle for a seat at the final table and a case of eclectic wines donated by Piedmont wine aficionados!

All net proceeds will go to buy new lunch tables for Havens Elementary!  The event will take place at Piedmont Veterans Hall.  It starts at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, January 8 with drinks, socializing, and a poker tutorial.  The first hand for the poker tournament will be dealt at around 6:30 p.m.  You can buy tickets in advance for this important fundraiser (and really fun night) through the following link:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/piedmonts-8th-annual-poker-night-casino-with-top-dog-tickets-19459906103.  Don’t miss this fabulous fundraiser supporting Havens!

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Our First Ever Havens 2015 SPRING SWING Family Dance was SUPER FUNTASTIC!!!

Over 200 Havens fathers and daughters, mothers and sons came to the 2015 SPRING SWING, our inaugural Havens Family Dance and enjoyed a lovely evening dancing to music, lights, a fog machine, hundreds of glow stick bracelets and necklaces, a super fun photo booth inside and the Bay Area’s favorite Top Dog outside, hosted by the Havens Dads Club!

Special THANKS to Havens dads Jeff Hiller for DJ-ing, Jason Grammer for MCing, Josh Posamentier for photos… and all the awesome Havens dads and moms for making it a memorable night!

See some more photos here:  http://posamentier.smugmug.com/Chronological/2015/Havens-Spring-Swing/
Password is “havens”

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D8S_7496 clean
D8S_7964 clean
D8S_7290 clean
D8S_7235 clean
D8S_7377 clean
D8S_7439 clean
D8S_8171 clean
D8S_8798 clean
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Havens 2015 Spring Swing Photo Booth Pictures:

20150417_171144 20150417_171318 20150417_171434 20150417_171624 20150417_171838 20150417_171728 20150417_171929 20150417_172041 20150417_172222 20150417_172327 20150417_172427 20150417_172612 20150417_172723 20150417_172841 20150417_172934 20150417_173030 20150417_173129 20150417_173228 20150417_173336 20150417_173444 20150417_173540 20150417_173643 20150417_173742 20150417_173846 20150417_173952 20150417_174059 20150417_174151 20150417_174247 20150417_174400 20150417_174647 20150417_174751 20150417_174911 20150417_175039 20150417_175205 20150417_175346 20150417_174522 20150417_175446 20150417_175632 20150417_175539 20150417_175733 20150417_175829 20150417_175923 20150417_180020 20150417_180113 20150417_180232 20150417_180410 20150417_180522 20150417_180624 20150417_180727 20150417_180821 20150417_180927 20150417_181104 20150417_181203 20150417_181301 20150417_181407 20150417_181507 20150417_181604 20150417_181718 20150417_181824 20150417_181933 20150417_182037 20150417_182136 20150417_182234 20150417_182356 20150417_182452 20150417_182557 20150417_182708 20150417_182825 20150417_182925 20150417_183017 20150417_183113 20150417_183216 20150417_183307 20150417_183404 20150417_183523 20150417_183648 20150417_183759 20150417_183859 20150417_184000 20150417_184051 20150417_184148 20150417_184253 20150417_184352 20150417_184506 20150417_184618 20150417_184750 20150417_184845 20150417_184938 20150417_185045 20150417_185347 20150417_185448 20150417_185541 20150417_185634 20150417_185732 20150417_185830 20150417_185927 20150417_190031 20150417_190133 20150417_190227 20150417_190324 20150417_190415 20150417_190525 20150417_190640 20150417_190806 20150417_190935 20150417_191047 20150417_191146 20150417_191242 20150417_191338 20150417_191457 20150417_191558 20150417_191720 20150417_191836 20150417_192006 20150417_192124 20150417_192218 20150417_192317 20150417_192411 20150417_192510 20150417_192605 20150417_192711 20150417_192807 20150417_192858 20150417_193007 20150417_193101 20150417_193159 20150417_193259 20150417_193415 20150417_193531 20150417_193645 20150417_193823 20150417_193956 20150417_194048 20150417_194143 20150417_194250 20150417_194403 20150417_194456 20150417_194547 20150417_194703 20150417_194757 20150417_194850 20150417_194941 20150417_195048 20150417_195146 20150417_195304 20150417_195407 20150417_195513 20150417_195608 20150417_195704 20150417_195812 20150417_195923 20150417_200028 20150417_200132 20150417_200223 20150417_200320 20150417_200426 20150417_200521 20150417_200613 20150417_200754 20150417_200902 20150417_201005 20150417_201229 20150417_201400 20150417_201452

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Spring SWING! Havens Family Dance

On Friday, April 17th at the end of the week after Spring Break and a week before Piedmont’s Spring Fling, the Havens Dads Club will host the first ever Spring SWING!Fathers bring your daughters, mothers bring your sons!   However your family is made up, come all or come one!Our fun-loving Havens kids, moms and dads will dance and swing the night away to great music, disco lights, and a fog machine.

Semi-formal attire recommended:  dads/boys in coats/shirts and ties, moms/girls in Spring dresses!

Sign up now and buy your tickets at an early-bird rate of $15 per person.  Go here to register now:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2015-spring-swing-havens-family-dance-tickets-16252758438

Admission price includes an entertaining night of music, dancing, dinner catered by Top Dog and a super fun photo booth to capture wonderful memories!

Tickets at the door will be $20 per person, still cheaper than going to dinner and a movie, but much more fun and memorable!

Please RSVP to the Evite, register online at Eventbrite and tell your kids about it!

Hope your family can make it to this first ever Havens school dance and community FUNraiser!

See you at the Havens Spring SWING!

Havens Dads Club

ps- If you didn’t receive the Evite or Eventbrite invitations or have any questions, please contact Paul Tiao, HDC President, pjtiao@gmail.com, 510-435-0786
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GREAT PRIZES if you come to the 7th Annual Havens Poker + Casino Night TONIGHT!

THANK YOU to all the families that have generously donated wine for our charity event tonight:



Olcotts/Mulberrys Market



 This fantastic night out is the Havens Dads’ Club’s signature fundraiser. This year will feature both the classic Texas Hold’em tournament AND additional Casino games with prizes! All proceeds benefit the kids!

We will also have fabulous raffle prizes, cocktails, snacks, and super friendly dealers that love to teach the games! Once again the Championship Bracelet will go to the overall tournament winner. Music, dancing, and Casino fun for all to the end of the night.

Date:  Friday, January 9, 2015

Location: Piedmont Veterans Hall @ 401 Highland Avenue
Time: 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM

Cost:  $60 per person for initial chip allotment.  $50 re-buys.

Questions?  Contact HavensDadsClub@gmail.com

Register at: http://goo.gl/DN36i2

Auction and Raffle Prizes this year include:

Joseph Phelps 2006 Insignia bottle
Courtesy of Glen and Helen Young

Joseph Phelps Insignia

LaRochelle 2009 Pinot Noir case

Courtesy of Mike and Rebecca Ghielmetti

Custom Luxury Menswear Gift from J. Hilburn
Courtesy of

Liz Hawkins Tahawi | J.HILBURN Style Consultant |  415.350.1013

Four Tickets (Behind Home Plate) to a  Three Time World Series Champions San Francisco Giants 2015 Home Game (game of your choice, subject to availability)

Courtesy of Guy and Alison Avagliano

Private Cruise on the Bay

Enjoy your private cruise on the San Francisco Bay in a 10-passenger Chris Craft Corsair with your very own Captain.  Leave the docks of Jack London Square and set an itinerary for the day.  Angel Island, a trip around Alcatraz,  travel through the Golden Gate?  Captain Tom will be happy to take you anywhere on the Bay and even drop you off and pick you up in the city if you wish.  Go together with friends or treat your family to a special day on the bay!

Courtesy of Michael and Susan Panico








Hope to see you there!

Thanks and Cheers,

Paul, on behalf of the Havens Dads Club

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Piedmont’s 7th Annual Poker Night Plus Casino

Friday, January 9, 2015 from 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM (PST) 
Piedmont Veterans Hall – 401 Highland Ave

Register Here

This fantastic night out is the Havens Dads’ Club’s signature fundraiser.  This year will feature both the classic Texas Hold’em tournament AND additional Casino games with prizes! All proceeds benefit the kids!

We will also have fabulous raffle prizes, cocktails, snacks, and super friendly dealers that love to teach the games!  Once again the Championship Bracelet will go to the overall tournament winner.  Music, dancing, and Casino fun for all to the end of the night.

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